Kennels & Cattery daily rates     Closed until further notice.    XMAS DEC-JAN only

     Pets                                                 Daily rates

  • Cattery                                                            Cats - Birds  
  • Small Dogs                                                                  Jack Russell / Bichon
  • Medium Dogs                                                             Cocker Spaniel
  • Large Dogs                                                                 Labs / Boxer /Rhotti                                                    

  • XMAS                         Daily rates         December-January 
  •  Cattery                                                  $30                                                                                        
  •  Dogs                                                       $50                                         
    December - January  -  Premium Rates
      Confirmation on receipt of deposit


Arrival -- DAY IN ------ Departure------- DAY OUT


Statutory Holiday Throughout stat weekends DAY IN -- DAY OUT


Bank details:

Act name: Beaver Road Pet Motel
Bank: Westpac Bank Howick
Act No.: 03 0166 0335193 00


Should your pet become ill you will be notified immediately at no extra costs for   additional care or a visit to a vet for your pet. We will inform you of the vets' instructions & any medication required. No extra costs will be charged by the Pet Motel. Please note the vets' account however will be at owners' costs. Vet invoice supplied.

No extra charges to administer any medication required by your pet, please name all medication.

Multiple pet / long stay discounts:

Discount is given for multiple pets we offer an excellent rate for long term stays - please enquire.

Surcharge: Xmas holidays      Premium Rates       Day in / Day out    No entire pets

Christmas Holiday Season Rates - please note that a ten day minimum board & time booked will be charged over the Christmas holiday period.

Xmas - Prices may change without notice. 

Xmas - Premium rates charged at this busy time.

Xmas - No discounts. All accounts Prior to Arrival

Xmas - Sorry NO entire pets at this busy holiday period.